Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mission Burrito

Hey blogging world. Long time no speak eh? Firstly, I apologise for my slap dash blogging the last few months. But to get you up to speed, basically I finished another year at uni. Decided to take a gap year, so Step 1, I got myself a full time job (yep, guess where? Slightly biased, Mission!) As with most interviews you go in and tell the person hiring exactly what they want to hear. But since I was looking for a job that I would work full time in for the year, I wanted somewhere I was passionate about. So I went to this interview and was myself. For the first time, I felt honest about what I was saying, genuinely passionate and landed the job. Not only that, after my trial shift I got promoted to Supervisor!
Step 2, will be revealed tomorrow.
Step 3, decide destinations.
Step 4, book flights.
Step 5, have an insanely good year.

It's all a plan in progress, but it's going pretty damn well and I'm happy to say the least. 
So anyway, Mission Burrito! If you haven't heard of it, then I have no idea where you've been. Twitter went crazy on our first few days of opening and every lunch Mission pops up again. 

Working at Mission is like being on stage, the customers line up to the counter and we bombard them with a million and one questions. (All good though, who doesn't want to be asked about pulled pork?! Or beans with BACONS) The burrito production line is something to be marvelled. Before the store opened all the staff would traveling between Bath and Bristol to the other flagships for training. Seeing the staff so quick and swish with wrapping was terrifying. How were we going to cope with the queues and trying to roll up a ridiculously oversized fajita? I have no idea how we learned, but our current record is 87 burritos an hour. Yes people thats more than 1 per minute. Insane.

There are so many things I love about Mission, the high standard of customer service. The fresh, daily prepared food. The little red baskets that make you feel like your in america for just 30 minutes of your day. The sheer amount of food that is packed into a 12" tortilla. Free burrito on break! The cream though, is watching people try the habenero sauce. 

Until Next Time xo

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  1. Yum, I can't wait to visit... this weekend, hopefully! x