Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Those Cakes Bakery

After months of developing new recipes... you can now buy my cakes! I've launched an online bakery ! It's been great having so much support and feedback from the blogging community and I'd love to keep you posted with the shop! The store will feature the crazy flavoured cupcakes from this blog and loads more. Plus the entremet cakes that made so much noise. 


You can visit the bakery at www.thosecakesbakery.co.uk 
There are only a few to choose from for now! But there will be much more in the next few weeks.Use the code: 48AC19C0 for 10% discount off your first order.
Until Next Time xo

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mission Burrito

Hey blogging world. Long time no speak eh? Firstly, I apologise for my slap dash blogging the last few months. But to get you up to speed, basically I finished another year at uni. Decided to take a gap year, so Step 1, I got myself a full time job (yep, guess where? Slightly biased, Mission!) As with most interviews you go in and tell the person hiring exactly what they want to hear. But since I was looking for a job that I would work full time in for the year, I wanted somewhere I was passionate about. So I went to this interview and was myself. For the first time, I felt honest about what I was saying, genuinely passionate and landed the job. Not only that, after my trial shift I got promoted to Supervisor!
Step 2, will be revealed tomorrow.
Step 3, decide destinations.
Step 4, book flights.
Step 5, have an insanely good year.

It's all a plan in progress, but it's going pretty damn well and I'm happy to say the least. 
So anyway, Mission Burrito! If you haven't heard of it, then I have no idea where you've been. Twitter went crazy on our first few days of opening and every lunch Mission pops up again. 

Working at Mission is like being on stage, the customers line up to the counter and we bombard them with a million and one questions. (All good though, who doesn't want to be asked about pulled pork?! Or beans with BACONS) The burrito production line is something to be marvelled. Before the store opened all the staff would traveling between Bath and Bristol to the other flagships for training. Seeing the staff so quick and swish with wrapping was terrifying. How were we going to cope with the queues and trying to roll up a ridiculously oversized fajita? I have no idea how we learned, but our current record is 87 burritos an hour. Yes people thats more than 1 per minute. Insane.

There are so many things I love about Mission, the high standard of customer service. The fresh, daily prepared food. The little red baskets that make you feel like your in america for just 30 minutes of your day. The sheer amount of food that is packed into a 12" tortilla. Free burrito on break! The cream though, is watching people try the habenero sauce. 

Until Next Time xo

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Pandan Entremet Cake

It's been a while exams, work. You know the drill. Since I'm all done until October I've got so much more time for crafts, DIY, gardening and obviously baking. I haven't posted any bakes in ages because quite simply the more I bake the bigger I get. And if you follow my Instagram (@sushiturtleslife) you'll know I'm doing the Paleo. So baking is a little more difficult.
But this cake I made for my uncle who always jokes at my blog. It's all in good fun, but he's right food can look great but it's all about how it tastes. So this one was to shut him up basically. Hahaha, just joking Uncle T. I think it went down well, they asked for a second slice. So I'm going to be making this again for a family lunch gathering. Very exciting. I love entremet cakes and have been obsessively googling them since I discovered, but I never saw one made with Pandan cake. Which my family love. I wanted to make a Pandan with a twist. This may frighten you, it's pretty damn fattening. I'd advise you make this for several people, avoids temptation of eating it all yourself!!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

J's Chocolate Mousse Entremet

Firstly I appologise for the photos, not the best but you can see the cake so it'll do this time! I baked this for my boyfriends birthday. It had to be something show stopping and like none of my other cakes. But the recipe I followed was a French youtube video for a one portion dish... So I had to make it up along the way. It's almost like a cheesecake but with mousse. So the outter edges of the cake is an eggy sponge with the centre being all chocolate mousse. With a layer of strawberries and another praline. This takes a lot of time, due to the chilling steps.

2 eggs separated. Whisk the whites to form peaks. Mix the yolks with 100g flour, 100g sugar. 
Fold in egg whites. Spread thinly and evenly on a baking tray. Bake at 180 celcius for 7-10 minutes.
Using a cake tin (preferably with a removable base) Cut a long strip with height of tin and a base.

60g Almond flakes. 100g Sugar. Melt the sugar without water in a saucepan on medium heat. As the edges being to brown turn the heat low and allow all the sugar to melt completely and gain a dark brown colouring. At no point should you stir the sugar, before it has become liquid. Fold in almond flakes and spread onto a well greased baking tray. Or using 2 silicon sheets, use a rolling pin to flatten. Leave to set.

Cut 6 large strawberries into small even chunks. Add to 20g of caster sugar and simmer in a sauce pan until the excess juice from strawberries has become thick and concentrated.

Using 300ml of whipping or thick cream (UHT will not whip). Beat the cream until thick and add to 200g of melted chocolate. Stir in gently.

Line your cake tin with the sponge. Making sure there are no gaps by gently squeezing the edges together. Using the sauce from the strawberries, brush on the juice evenly to the cake. Next spoon in 1/3 of the mousse mixture. Layer with strawberries (It is important that minimal liquid is added or it will melt the mousse) Leave to set for 20 minutes. Layer with 1/3 more mousse and sprinkle over chipped up almond praline brittle. Leave to set for further 20 minutes. Layer with the remaining mouse and leave to set for 2 hours. 
Once chilled and hard, using a hot pallet knife slide over the cake, using the tin as a guide, to gain a flat surface. Refrigerate for further 30 minutes before removing from tin. Dust with dutch press unsweetened cocoa powder using a fine sieve. Decorate with balls of chocolate ganache, hazelnuts, large shards of almond brittle.

Until Next Time xo

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Chocolate & Banana Cake

When I really got into big celebration cakes a few weeks back I offered to make a cake for a birthday my brother was attending. I needed an excuse to practise without having the need to eat any hahaha! I surprised myself with how this cake turned out. Very proud moment, although I think the rose does need a little more colour!

Since this was an 18th birthday cake, I spiked the buttercream with a little Baileys. But the recipe below is without. Just add enough to your own taste, because who doesn't love a bit of birthday Baileys!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Kokoro, Sushi Bar Review

I love sushi, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who fell trap to the supermarket so called 'sushi'. What a joke. My little brother claims to love sushi, but he's only ever had it from Tesco. So next time I'm in Guildford I'm picking a few trays up in a cooler bag and bringing them back home! The problem is most teenagers get into sushi because it's 'fashionable' or whatever. Then all of the sudden I found myself forcing it down just to say I like it. When I hated it. It's because supermarket sushi is crap!! I'm yet to find a quality sushi bar in Cardiff centre or anywhere surrounding for that fact. If you know of one please comment below and fill me in!

Salmon Nigiri, Chicken Katsu Nori, Wasabi.
The reason I love Kokoro so much is simple, it's just so understated. The only advertising they have for themselves is the store. I can't find them anywhere online but the store is always packed! This just goes to show that the food really does speak for itself. Since I had my first Salmon lovers box, (around £6.99) I find myself constantly stopping by for lunch when I'm on the high street shopping. Theres just enough space or a few people at their breakfast bars, seated at the windows looking out to the shoppers. But there have also been times when I resisted the temptation and decided to cook something myself, only to find myself rushing back into town to make the 8pm closing time and grab myself a medium box of hot sticky chicken on stir fry noodles (~£5) and some fresh salmon. Since the chefs know sushi inside and out, they know it's best FRESH. The sushi is made daily and throughout the day, so you know you wont be getting yesterdays left overs. Which means... get there too late in the day and they wont be stocking up because it wont go out tomorrow! 

I'm yet to become more adventurous and grab the deluxe box with eel, octopus and others. But they do have a selection of salads and pot stickers too! So you can imagine, the combination of how much I love food and eating out with James (who has a healthy appetite) we're racking up quite a bill. But so worth it since when I come home I say good bye to sushi times. Kokoro also offer a loyalty card. A few weeks ago I saved myself a free miso soup! I could go on but theres just no need. Enjoy the pictures, drool, be jealous and then go there. You'll thank me later, I know.

Salmon Nigiri at it's best.

My favourite sticky spicy chicken box.

Empty shelves late at night.

Until Next Time xo