Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Buddha Original, Budapest. RR

The Buddha Original restaurants are situated in the centre, on the Pest side of the capital. A great place to stop off for a quick, hearty Thai dinner. A modern oriental restaurant with simplistic decor. After a hectic day of playing tourist, the chilled out vibe was more than welcomed! The clientele showed clearly that this restaurant appealed to all ages, although seemed targeted to the younger market.

We arrived at Buddha around 8pm after walking all day seeing sites and swimming in the roman baths, So needless to say, we were Hank Marvin'! We tried to imply this as much as possible to our friendly waiter. Beers ordered, we scanned the menu for something familiar and big! Lets not pussy foot around with starters and such, we want grub and we want it now!
Travel bud goes with Pad Wun Cen Chicken, which is actually very filling and delicious. She found it slightly spicy, but in terms of thai food. No. Come on Buddha Original, where's the fire?! The portion to our shock was absolutely huge, (apart from heat) the seasoning was on point.

Pad Wun Chicken - Glass noodles, egg, basil, spring onion, wood ear mushroom, Chinese kale, celery, soya sauce, chicken.
1490ft.    £3.77

I went with the Thai chicken salad. I was more than pleased to see that it wasn't some pathetic girly salad. We'd been swimming and I really needed to replenish! Again, I was unfourtunately dissappointed with the lack of UMPH, that is so often connotated with thai food. The flavour and ingredients, fresh and lovely. But upon asking the waiter for extra chillies, he was more than happy to oblidge. So, I was content with a belly full of beer, veggies and chicken. My mouth a small inferno. Happy days!

Thai Chicken Salad - Minced chicken breast, vegetables, Thai chili sauce. 
1190ft    £3.01

I would reccommend Buddha to all visiting Budapest. It's not traditional Hungarian food, but if your in the mood for Thai! Then it's a more than resonably priced restaurant. Located perfectly for a stop heading back towards your hotel or on the way for drinks. Staff are friendly, sevice is good and beer is cheap!  Click here for Website.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Climbing Pen Y Fan

Pen Y Fan, for those who don't know, is the highest mountain peak in South Britain. At 886m above sea level, it is part of the Brecon Beacon mountain range. Fun facts over, story time begins. My travel buddy and I decided, summer really wasn't over just yet. With Cardiff currently hit with the final wave of an Indian summer, we decided to make the most of the weather and climb the summit. It was a rather flippant decision and as per, we were under prepared. A quick stop at the supermarket prior to our commute, we had snacks and liquids to fuel us ahead.  

A short 1 hour drive from the city, we arrive in the Beacons, killed off the unnecessary dead weight from our back packs and embraced the scenery. As we scoped out the competition, which were mostly sheep, we secured ourselves into our heavy duty boots and began. "Surely this isn't right? The website describes it as a fairly well known route, with a clear, worn in path?"  Evidently, there's no change between Wales and Europe. Once again we'd wondered off in the wrong direction, like two lost lambs, joining the heard. We turned around and sure enough, there was this well beaten track just behind us. "Stupido!" 

Okay, take two. We got this. Play it cool. Totally meant to do that little warm up.

The circular route can be taken from two starting points from the Pont ar daf car park. Looking at Pen Y fan, walking from the right will be leisurely stroll, from the left a death trap of valleys and peaks. No need to keep you guessing, unknowingly we just took a gamble. We choose the left. No questions. It's done. Oops. 5 minutes into this, regret and fear begin to seep into our minds. 20 minutes down the line, our legs begin to buckle and our bodies soaked in sweat. Sexy devils. There was no option but to cease conversation, part ways and power through. As painful as it was, the rewards were well worth the climb. Stopping along the way, to snap the view and enjoy the serenity of the Brecon Beacons. After spending my whole summer traipsing around Europe, I came to resent Wales. But when you leave the grey, mind dulling, concrete jungle that is the city, you can really appreciate the Welsh landscape. Hidden in the valleys, were gorgeous shimmering lakes I remembered from my childhood. Oh, yesteryear. 

90 minutes later, we're faced with a brick wall. Or path, call it what you will. We used the last of our energy and mowed on up this 90 degree ascent, with the thought of the spectacular views we would see! Did the tourist thing and got the victory photos with the stone. Woo Achievement unlocked! Soaked in the views and found our favorite spot to dine. We must have looked insane trying to eat chorizo and bread while flailing our arms in the air. So many bugs, so many attracted to body warmth... which we had an abundance of. Sitting on top of the mountain, over looking a mini lake outlined with trees, picking at food. It's a hard life of a student eh? We sat and absorbed this moment until our patience for these frigging flies broke. Trying to keep our balance we fumbled our way down the side of the mountain, passing many cute free runners along the way. Bring a book, going down really isn't as fun as going up. Just keep thinking of how sexy our butts will be after this. 

All in all, a great day to be had up Pen Y Fan. If you get a chance before the weather changes, get ya boots on.
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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Slovenia, A Hidden Gem

I went travelling! Check me out living the high life. After a year of working in a not so glamorous job, it was well overdue that I spent some of my hard earned cash. Treated myself if you will? A very close friend and I booked tickets to Interrail Europe. It.Was.Insane. Costing £224 or 269€ we had ourselves 10 days train travel within 22 days pto get across as much of Europe as humanly possibly. Pah! F*** that, we took our sweet ass time and casually strolled across the countries, making a loop towards home. Getting lost, eating excessively and making drunken memories. But more of that later, we're here to talk Slovenia!

So the basic context to why Slovenia? We're in Budapest chatting to some Manchester girls we were bunking with. They'd not long come from Slov and showed us pictures and postcards of the breath taking Lake Bled. Having no idea of our next destination, we glanced at each other, shurgged, threw our hands in the air and thought why not?! We went to reserve train seats that day. (Reservations setting you back 10€ a seat. Relatively reasonable). The pictures as they warned were nothing on the actual views. It is with most things, you simply just have to see for yourself. Lesce Bled, as known to the locals, is  just an hours train ride from the capital Ljubljiana. But don't bother with any entertainment for this journey, sit back, preferably with snacks and enjoy the many, MANY views of Slovenia. Rolling mountains upon mountains, with small rural villages nestled between their valleys. A crystal clear turquoise river chasing the train track, giving you a small preview of Bled's incredible water.

Bled is now one of my favourite scenes. When the partying ends here and the electronic backing track is lost to the wind, you can stop. Just stop completely and be calm. Amazing.
Walking around the lake will, at a pace take 3hrs, with pauses for neccessary photography of course. Strong advice I'm sure my friend will give in hindsight, wear good shoes. Ones that dont break halfway, ending up with me using a strip of plaster as emergency surgary equiptment! But hey, great excuse to get the footwear off and take a dip. But for such still waters, the banks are quite the opposite, buzzing with life. There's rowing, canoeing, swimming, moped rental, horse carriage rides, hand gliding, craft markets, food, drinks, parties, spa's, artists, fishing, camping... It goes on.

Lake Bled, Slovenia is highly recommended in my books. A tip - getting off the station at Lesce, walk across to the opposite side of the road to catch a bus directly to the lake for 1€60. 10 minute ride, 1 stop. Cheap and efficient. The taxi service is safe, but an unnecessary expense unless you have luggage.

(Good day, Slovenian)

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Those Cakes Bakery

After months of developing new recipes... you can now buy my cakes! I've launched an online bakery ! It's been great having so much support and feedback from the blogging community and I'd love to keep you posted with the shop! The store will feature the crazy flavoured cupcakes from this blog and loads more. Plus the entremet cakes that made so much noise. 


You can visit the bakery at 
There are only a few to choose from for now! But there will be much more in the next few weeks.Use the code: 48AC19C0 for 10% discount off your first order.
Until Next Time xo

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mission Burrito

Hey blogging world. Long time no speak eh? Firstly, I apologise for my slap dash blogging the last few months. But to get you up to speed, basically I finished another year at uni. Decided to take a gap year, so Step 1, I got myself a full time job (yep, guess where? Slightly biased, Mission!) As with most interviews you go in and tell the person hiring exactly what they want to hear. But since I was looking for a job that I would work full time in for the year, I wanted somewhere I was passionate about. So I went to this interview and was myself. For the first time, I felt honest about what I was saying, genuinely passionate and landed the job. Not only that, after my trial shift I got promoted to Supervisor!
Step 2, will be revealed tomorrow.
Step 3, decide destinations.
Step 4, book flights.
Step 5, have an insanely good year.

It's all a plan in progress, but it's going pretty damn well and I'm happy to say the least. 
So anyway, Mission Burrito! If you haven't heard of it, then I have no idea where you've been. Twitter went crazy on our first few days of opening and every lunch Mission pops up again. 

Working at Mission is like being on stage, the customers line up to the counter and we bombard them with a million and one questions. (All good though, who doesn't want to be asked about pulled pork?! Or beans with BACONS) The burrito production line is something to be marvelled. Before the store opened all the staff would traveling between Bath and Bristol to the other flagships for training. Seeing the staff so quick and swish with wrapping was terrifying. How were we going to cope with the queues and trying to roll up a ridiculously oversized fajita? I have no idea how we learned, but our current record is 87 burritos an hour. Yes people thats more than 1 per minute. Insane.

There are so many things I love about Mission, the high standard of customer service. The fresh, daily prepared food. The little red baskets that make you feel like your in america for just 30 minutes of your day. The sheer amount of food that is packed into a 12" tortilla. Free burrito on break! The cream though, is watching people try the habenero sauce. 

Until Next Time xo

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Pandan Entremet Cake

It's been a while exams, work. You know the drill. Since I'm all done until October I've got so much more time for crafts, DIY, gardening and obviously baking. I haven't posted any bakes in ages because quite simply the more I bake the bigger I get. And if you follow my Instagram (@sushiturtleslife) you'll know I'm doing the Paleo. So baking is a little more difficult.
But this cake I made for my uncle who always jokes at my blog. It's all in good fun, but he's right food can look great but it's all about how it tastes. So this one was to shut him up basically. Hahaha, just joking Uncle T. I think it went down well, they asked for a second slice. So I'm going to be making this again for a family lunch gathering. Very exciting. I love entremet cakes and have been obsessively googling them since I discovered, but I never saw one made with Pandan cake. Which my family love. I wanted to make a Pandan with a twist. This may frighten you, it's pretty damn fattening. I'd advise you make this for several people, avoids temptation of eating it all yourself!!